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Industrial Procurement Services

Sourcing: Sourcing related to received enquiries from client companies for raw materials, machineries and equipment, spare parts. From diversified industrial disciplines such as casting & metallurgical, oil and gas and petrochemicals, water & waste-water, automotive and steels.

Collaborating with selected EPC contractors: Collaborating with EPC contractor's fields such as water and waste-water projects, Petrochemical & oil & gas projects, Steel projects offering them specialized services in supplying valves, stainless and carbon steel tubes and pipes, instruments, pipes and fittings, pumps.

Providing specialized solutions: Providing specialized and custom-made comprehensive (A-Z) solutions towards solving procurement bottle-necks ranging from sourcing, financing, contracting, forwarding and inland logistics. Above services can be integrated into services contracts signed by Moshfeq Trading and our affiliate company in the UAE with clients asking for such services.

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